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Lung Health and Screening Program


Lung cancer screenings now available

This screening can help detect lung cancer at an early stage in current or former heavy smokers.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (UPSTF) recommends annual screening for lung cancer with low-dose computed tomography in high-risk individuals (Grade B recommendation). As part of our ongoing commitment to preventive care, Christiana Care now offers lung screenings for your patients who have a history of heavy smoking. Our Lung Health and Screening Program offers:

  • Un enfermero orientador dedicado que brinda ayuda con todo el proceso de detección sistemática, desde la planificación hasta el seguimiento de los resultados de las pruebas.
  • A low-dose CT lung scan–a protocol that was found to be effective in the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) performed according to the American College of Radiology guidelines.
  • A multidisciplinary team, when appropriate, to assist with abnormal findings, referrals and follow-up.

You may qualify for the lung cancer screening if you:

  • Are 55 through 77 years of age AND
  • Have a history of heavy smoking* AND
  • Are current smoker or who have quit smoking within the last 15 years AND
  • Haven’t received a CT scan of the lungs in the past 12 months.

*Heavy smoking is defined as a smoking history of 30 “pack years” or more. A “pack year” is smoking an average of one pack of cigarettes per day for one year. For example, a person could have a 30 pack-year history by smoking one pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years.

Additional information:

Sociedad Americana contra el Cáncer (American Cancer Society)

Asociación Americana de los Pulmones (American Lung Association)

For more information or to sign up for an appointment with the Nurse Navigator, click the registration button or call 302-623-CARE (2273).

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