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Como un sistema de salud sin fines de lucro, nuestra misión es brindar servicio. Creemos que la clave para brindar una atención médica realmente excelente es asociarnos con nuestros pacientes y sus familias, creando un sistema de atención que sea eficaz, accesible y valioso para todos los involucrados.

How do I find out what my procedure will cost?

Estimating the total cost of a procedure can be complicated because there may be more than one group that will bill for their services. For example, if you have a surgery, there may be a bill from the surgeon, anesthesiologist and hospital.

While estimating the bill is complicated, we are here to help you understand what you will be charged. If you would like an estimated cost before your surgery or procedure, please call our Customer Service line at 302-623-7185.

  • Please note the estimated cost may not include physician and possibly other fees that may be associated with your surgery or procedure.

What if I have insurance? What if I don’t have insurance?

If you have not yet reached your deductible or have questions about your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company before you schedule your surgery or procedure.

If you don’t have insurance, Christiana Care can help you learn more about your health insurance options. And, you can learn more about our financial assistance program here.

For other questions, please call 302-623-7440.

More information about hospital procedure costs, pricing and value.

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