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Meet Our OPACT Advocates

Lisa Cerullo Gilroy

Debilitated by a massive tumor, Lisa went to the doctor and learned that she had stage IV nonHodgkin’s lymphoma. She participated in a clinical trial which resulted in an earlier-than-expected recovery. Lisa supports women worrying about the impact of treatment on fertility and what to expect in a clinical trial.

Leila Hamroun

Leila is a nine-year breast cancer survivor – and the mother of three young children. Leila got regular check-ups, never smoked and had no family history of breast cancer. Yet, she developed stage II breast cancer. Leila gives back by participating in a trial and supporting other clinical trial participants.

John Mantakounis

John was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2010. After obtaining a second opinion, he decided to enroll in a clinical trial offered by Christiana Care. John now shares his lifechanging experience with others through clinical trial advocacy.

Bob Pietschmann

Bob is a survivor of a rare head and neck cancer; he was diagnosed in 2009. Found in just one lymph node, this cancer required both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After benefiting from a randomized clinical trial, Bob gladly helps others go through the clinical trial process.

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